Jun 23, 2008

Netblue Directions

This post is dedicated to helping you figure out the ins and outs of Netblue/YF Direct sites!

These sites are Do It Yourself Sites, in general. Always check this in your terms and conditions first, though, before moving on with the offers.

Here are some other helpful points to remember with this company.

Number one, you can wait around for manual credit. This means, if credit doesn't come thru for some of the offers, in 6 weeks ( mark it on your calendar ), you can request manual credit.

So, make sure to keep all receipts, email confirmatin, credit card charge/statements, etc. You will need to submit these if requesting manual credit.

Why do I like Netblue/YF Direct?

They have ALWAYS come thru for me over the years. Due to their upstanding history ( even when they had a marketing mistake this year ), they still sent their gifts out.

Before you get started. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Set up a new Yahoo, Hotmail or any free email address specifically for this offer.

2. Register by clicking on any of the offers on my side bar under Netblue/YF Direct. I will keep this updated everytime I find new offers from them. Complete all the required information needed. Use your new email address. You will get TONS of junk mail. DO NOT send to your personal email account.

3. You will next be taken through many offers ( these do NOT count as your gift ). On each page, click NO to each offer, unless you are interested. If there is a list of offers, scroll to the bottom to see if there is a SKIP button. If not, manually go through and click NO to each offer. ( HINT: On the long list of offers, if you click NO to them all, and it says you need to select YES for one...click YES on the very last one. It will then open a window for that offer, and on that page you can click NO. )

4. Once you finally get through all those initial offers ( sometimes it takes as long as 5 minutes ), you will get to a page that gives you your online offers. It will go on to tell you the steps you need to take to qualify. You are now at the pages you need to complete to get your gift.

5. Scroll down and click on the button that says go to next Offers. On the next page, click on the button that says go to next Offers. Keep doing this until you get to the last page of offers you need to complete. You ALWAYS want to start with the last page FIRST. Then, once you have completed the needed offers, click backwards and complete offers.

6. When picking which offers to do, make sure a pop up window appears with the requirement to get credit. If you don't see your pop up, check that your pop up blocker is not on and click again. Then, copy and paste that pop up window and keep in your records in case you need manual credit.
In addition, you want to do a screen print, and copy and paste it/save it of each offer you do showing the offer and the page it came off of....Netblue does not track the page you signed up for an offer in your records, so you may be asked to prove which page the offers came from when sending in paperwork. It doesn't happen often, but it could! Be prepared.

7. Also, to make the most profit, obviously you are looking for the cheapest offers. But, always make sure to read the terms/conditions for getting credit on that offer. Some companies require you to remain a member past the trial periods to get your credit. You can always go for companies you need products from, too, as it is beneficial to support these companies by finding products you can actually use and keep. In fact, I highly recommend trying to find offers you can actually use.

8. As you complete your offers, keep a spreadsheet of the day, the cost, copies of your welcome emails and screen prints of terms/conditions, if any. Also, mark in your planner, email calendar and cell phone calendar the day you need to cancel each offer along with the phone number/email address to cancel. PLEASE complete all offers in one sitting. This is very important, as you only have 60 days from when you sign up on the website to get everything completed.

9. After you have completed all the offers, you just need to wait for credit. I check my site once a week to see if anything has approved. I also make sure to mark on my calendar for 6 weeks from when I signed up, so I can submit for manual credit. When submitting for manual credit, I call them first. They will instruct you on what you need to do. Keep records of EVERYTHING to submit!

10. Please remember when doing these offers, the company is hoping you like a few. So, please.....if you do like a program, consider it before cancelling. These companies are able to offer us all this free money because they are advertising for these companies.

11. Once everything is approved, you will receive certificates for EACH offer on the site to send in to get your gift. These must be postmarked and sent it quickly! Keep copies for yourself and check your status to see when they receive them. I like to do delivery confirmation on mine ( NOT signature confirmation...as that will cause problems ), so I know when they receive them.

13. Once your status shows you have been confirmed, then sit back and wait for your gift to arrive. I still check my status quite regularly to make sure nothing has changed and all is well.

And, be patient, it can take awhile to get your gift.

Last time, it took me 4 months to get it.

Other companies have been as long as 8 months.

Any questions? PLEASE, PLEASE click here and leave a comment. I will respond back ASAP. I am always here to help.

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